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//  Origin:  Stockholm, Sweden
//  Genres:  Pop / R'n'B / Electronica
//  Years Active:  2019 - Present
//  Label:  Own / Independent
//  Website:
// Spotify Link


Singer songwriter from Stockholm Sweden. The cinematic, low key debut single "Pretty Eyes" was released in 2019. 

My New Release

(Out x/x/x)

Written by Czita (artist).

Produced by Marvin Fockens and Czita (artist). Mixing & mastering by Andrey Paschenko.

About the song:

“It’s a pop/R'n'B track with a melancholic feel to it. About not being able to stop thinking about a certain person, desperately imagining how things could turn out”

— Czita


'Czita' is an independent singer/songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. 

With a strong love for melodies, genre is secondary hence expect some bending and mixing.

Her debut single 'Pretty Eyes' was released in 2019, although written and recorded nine years earlier as a demo version. It was described as a horror short film in a musical form (Queen City Sounds & Art)

In January 2020 four remixes of 'Pretty Eyes' was released. 

Her latest single "Can't Stop Thinking" was released in August 2021 and featured a music video with clips of couples dancing together. A melancholic pop track about yearning for someone. 

Czita is currently working on new music and more is to come in 2021 and 2022.

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