'Czita' is an independent singer/songwriter from Stockholm Sweden. 

Her self produced debut single 'Pretty Eyes' was released in 2019, although written nine years earlier. An experimental and unique pop tune described as "a psychological horror short film in musical form". 

A few months later she released 'Drinkin' Whiskey', a remake of the song with with Las Vegas lofi-producer 'Dwnld'. 

In january 2020 4 remixes was released of the 'Pretty Eyes'. 

Czita is currently working on new music and more is to come in a decade not too far away.



"... that tune will just slip inside your head and refuse to budge, whilst the accompanying sounds and rhythms are intricately timed and judged to throw everything slightly further leftfield. Vocally 'Czita' has this edge to her voice which adds to the intrigue, and the lyrics will keep you listening right to the end. 
- Nordic Music Review
"The song has a creepy edge but also otherworldly like a pop song for a Lucky McKee film. It’s Czita’s first single and promises a future of decidedly different, imaginative and boundary-pushing pop music. "
- Queen City Sounds & Art